SETRANS HOLDING offers a complete range of static frequency converters (GPU) to power supply all-types of aircrafts during pre-flight preparation(ground handling)and maintenance operations. We also propose small power converters dedicated to aircraft sub-systems manufacturers, maintenance operators and laboratories.  

Since 1986, we have supplied more than 1,100 converters to airports, airline companies and maintenance operators.


FCA SERIES: 400Hz frequency converters from 30 to 180kVA

Frequency converters of FCA series are designed to supply aircrafts during preflight and maintenance operations. We propose various configurations to answer the most effectively to your expectations.

  • Ground, mobile or passenger boarding bridge (PBB)configuration
  • All weather cabinets / IP54
  • Low noise in operation (<60dB)

FCB SERIES: 400Hz frequency converters from 5 to 30kVA

Especially developed to answer needs from maintenance operators and aircraft sub-systems manufacturers, we propose a wide range of configuration according to your needs

  • Indoor or outdoor application
  • Independent or rack 19"
  • Cos (phi) 0,8 or 1,0
  • Very low acoustic noise (<50dB)
  • Single phase or three phase outputs

AR Series: 28VDC Rectifiers up to 800A

Our rectifiers are designed to supply aircrafts and helicopters during preflight maintenance at the airport.

  • Power from 50 to 800A
  • Ground or mobile version
  • All weather cabinets / IP54

FIT SERIES: Tailor made solutions for specific needs in 400Hz projects

For specific applications or particular environments, we are able to design and manufacture special converters with 400Hz output frequency.

  • Modular power, dimensions and technical parameters
  • Tailored functions
  • Single or three phase outputs
  • Frequency variator available


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