Power frequency converters

Produced and sold over 20 000 power frequency converters for various applications

SETRANS HOLDING and ESTEL are specialized in the design and production of power converting equipmentand power semiconductor devices. From standard products to complex and turn-key solutions, we offer a complete range of converters and services fully adapted to various industries.




Since 1986, we developed a complete range of 400Hzfrequency converters and 28VDC Rectifiers to power supply aircrafts and helicopters during pre-flight and maintenance operations.

  • FCA SERIES: 400Hz frequency convertersfrom 30 to 180kVA
  • FCB SERIES: 400Hz frequency convertersfrom 5 to 30kVA
  • AR Series:   28VDC Rectifiersup to 800A
  • FIT SERIES:   Tailor made solutions for specific needs in 400Hz projects


Especially developed for metal transformation processes, we offer a complete range of solutions to power supply the adequate power and frequency to heat, transform and harden metals parts.

  • TFC SERIES:     Converters for induction heating
  • EAF SERIES:     Converters for DC arc furnaces (metal smelting)


We offer adapted solutions to start and pilot industrial machinery and optimize their electric consumption as well as their life cycles.

  • GO SERIES:      Smooth starters
  • DR SERIES:      Converters for electric drive (frequency variators)


  • H SERIES:         Heat exchangers
  • N SERIES:         Frequency converters for naval application


Our industrial partner, ESTEL, is working in the field of railway technology since 1870 and has 60 years of experience in development, production and operation of power convertersfor rolling stock, urban transports and fix substations.

  • On-board converters for locomotives and intercity trains
  • Fix substations for metros,tramways and trolley buses



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