Especially developed for metal transformation processes, we offer a complete range of solutions to power supply the adequate power and frequency to heat, transform and harden metals parts.

From standard to the most complex metal transformationequipment, from small to large power ratings, whatever you need, we have the right solution.


TFC SERIES: Converters for induction heating

  • Power up to 6kW
  • Tailored frequency according to heating processspecificities
  • Thyristor or transistor technology
  • Tailored heat exchanger (air forced /water or Air/water) for cooling
  • Various options (pyrometers, automatic processes, etc.)

EAF SERIES: Converters for DC arc furnaces (metal smelting)

AR series power sources are designed for automatic regulation oftechnologic process in arc furnaceswith capacity up to 2500 kW.Depending on furnace capacity, we propose a wide range of possibilities to perform your metal smelting processes.

  • Solutions available for furnace capacity up to 20T.
  • Power up to 10MW
  • Power regulation from 10 to 100%
  • Tailored solutions according to your heating process
  • Various options (pyrometers, automatic processes, etc.)


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