Special applications

Tailor made solutions

At SETRANS HOLDING, we have an important know-how and expertise to design and develop 100% tailor made solutions according to the specificities of your project (specific frequency, power, operating cycle, etc.). Don't hesitate to contact us!


H SERIES: Heat Exchangers

Because electro technical equipment are often subject to heat losses, we developed heat exchanger solutions to cool them thanks to water cooling technology and prevent them from overheating temperatures.

Moreover, the heated water flow can be redirected in an external network to heat buildings or other specific applications.

  • Absorb losses from 10 to 120kW
  • Automatic regulation of water flow according to temperature (temperature sensors, water flow and level control, etc.)


N SERIES: Frequency converters for naval application

We are proposing frequency converters to perform alternative maritime power supply of ships. It allows ships to turn off their engines when in port and reduce CO² emissions and noise nuisance.